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In my efforts to further the continued support for RML Labs products, namely Software Audio Workshop, Software Audio Console and Studio Midi WorkShop, I am making this page available where interested parties may be able to have access to various articles, tutorials and shades information for learning about the RML Labs line of software applications.

These tutorials were born out of a sincere love for Bob and his products - first, for helping me personally, as a neophyte, in "getting my head around" just how Bob "works" and second, to assist others in being able to do the same.

If you should require other information not noted below, then please send me an email, indicating that which you are interested in and I will do my utmost to accommodate you.

Articles Listings
Please see the attached for a current listing of all available articles: [Click_Me]

Articles Acquisition
Just send me an email with the article - or articles, that are of interest to you, and I will send this information to your within twenty-four hours.

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3rd-Party Shades

For those that are interested in shades...please peruse the following as of 08/23/21: [Click_Me]

This listing makes note of 1) the developer, 2) the shade name and 3) what RML Labs software applications - SAW, SAC and/or MWS...have shades made available for them.

Please Note
That as of 08/23/21, this listing is a accurate and as complete as is possible. Also, a number of the shades are commercial offerings and therefore, require payment. Shades from Brett Brandon, Heirapparent and SLF Audio - are but a few that offer commercial shades - with such commercial shades being highlighted in yellow.

Also, shades are specific to versions...and therefore, not all shades will work with a particular software version of SAW, SAC or MWS. See this listing for further information: [Click_Me]

I do hope that those that make use of 3rd party shades are aware of the time and the effort that goes into developing a shade! As a result, if you do use a 3rd-part shade, please ensure that you offer a not of "Thanks" to the developer - even to those that charge for their development work.

Make Your Own Digital Sound Mixing Console
Martin, who hails from Bulgaria, has recently produced a series of instructional videos entitled, "Make Your Own Sound" with a focus on RML Lab's Software Audio Console software application.

These presentations are incredibly informative - with the information being provided in a very clean and logical manner. Martin's diction is clear and concise - with his tone being both candid and professional at the same time.

The quality of these presentations is absolutely wonderful! And even though Martin intimates that he is a relative newcomer to video production - if these videos are examples are his first attempts, I simply cannot imagine what his more seasoned efforts will produce. Martin's use of high quality imagery - along with well scripted narration, makes these presentations a real pleasure to watch.

Subject Matter
The entire focus of Martin's presentation is on the use of RML Labs Software Audio Console. Thus far there are eight presentations in total - with more presentation on the way. The following is a listing of the currently available presentations:

Episode 1: Introduction
Episode 2: Comparisons
Episode 3: The Software
Episode 4: Download and Installation
Episode 5: System Optimization - Windows 7
Episode 6: System Optimization - Windows 10
Episode 7: The Channel Layout
Episode 8: The Wide Mixer - Part 1
Episode 9: The Wide Mixer Part.2 - Groups, Auxes and Master
Episode 10: Use Audio PLUG-INS Live with SAC - Part.1
Episode 11: Use Audio PLUG-INS Live with SAC - Part.2
Episode 12: The Best Monitor Mixers You'll Get On An Audio Mixing Console - Part.1
Episode 13: The Best Monitor Mixers You'll Get On An Audio Mixing Console - Part.2
Episode 14: What You Need to Know About The Hardware For Your Mixing Console - Part.1

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