The SMS Store

At the SMS Store - you can may lesson payments, purchase various lesson materials or scores in either duet or solo arrangements. Selecting the heading will take to the page that contains that particular information.

At Sentinel Music Studios, we provide three lesson terms. More information may be otained on the Lessons page.

Lesson Materials
Lesson materials are available at present only in the complete edition of the Lesson Manual. When time permits, individual lessons will be made available as well. Certain Technical Exercises however will be made available - as some of these Technical Exercises may be of particular benefit to some students.

Supplementary Materials
The lesson materials we developed to be used to supplement some of the technical exercises contained in the Lesson Manual. In particular, the Finger-Style Development Exercises are particularly useful for those who have a desire to further develop independence of the Striking Hand fingers in finger-style guitar playing.

Scores: Duets
Scores are available as a Duet - which may include Part I only or parts I and II. A MIDI file of the entire duet arrangement is also available.

Scores: Solos
Scores are available as Solos - which are arrangements of particular pieces that I have personally arranged. A MIDI file of the solo arrangement is also available.

All purchases of the above are made through my PayPal. Once payment has been received, I will email you the purchased materials - usually within 24 hours of receipt of payment.