MiniFlex 2Mic

MiniFlex2Mic are the developers of the internal condenser microphone system that produces the identical sonic qualities and characteristics of an external condenser microphone - without the hassles of using an external microphone system. There are a number of models to chose from - and are very reasonably priced. Please check out their Web site for further information.

I personally performed over eighteen months of research into various external and internal mic'ing systems and can say that I have found nothing that compares to the sound, the quality and the service from the folks at MiniFlex. I now personally own three of their internal mic'ing systems for use in my nylon string and acoustic steel guitars and my daughter's ukulele.

At present I will be providing sales and service on the following models: Model 1, Model 2, Model 3 and Model 7. Other MiniFlex 2Mic models and accessories can be obtained via the MiniFlex Store. For further information about the MiniFlex 2Mid models listed below, please visit their Web Site.

Of significance is the document entitled "How to Choose the Right 2Mic Model" - written by the developer and owner of MiniFlex, Ken Donnell. This document, as well as other information available on the Support Page of the MiniFlex 2Mic Web site will be of tremendous assistance to you. Also, the Artist's and Endorsements page will be helpful to you in providing you with an overall idea of just what you can expect from the various MiniFlex 2Mic products that we offer.

MiniFlex 2 Mic Products Price Buy
MiniFlex 2Mic Model 1 $245.00
MiniFlex 2Mic Model 2 $245.00
MiniFlex 2Mic Model 5 $425.00
MiniFlex 2Mic Model 7 $485.00
How to Choose the Right 2Mic Mode N/C

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