The following links refer to various Internet resources that we have researched and that we personally use that we thought might be of assistance to you. This page may be updated on a regular basis - so you might want to check here often.

Long & McQuade
Contact: Brandon or Paul
I have been dealing and working with Long & McQuade for over 35 years now - and I can think of no better place to not only purchase all of your musical equipment - but also, and more importantly, to establish relationships. All of my existing equipment - with the exception of the nylon guitar, the internal mics and the mixing software - has all been purchased from Long & McQuade. Over the last 20 year or so, I have been working with the folks at the Port Coquitlam location - due to their proximity to Maple Ridge. In particular, are Brandon and Paul - both of whom are highly commended. All of my student purchases are made through Long & McQuade. So, if you are not yet an active customer of Long & McQuade - I strongly encourage you to be one.
Web site:

Fretter Guitars
Contact: Ed Rohner
Ed is the owner of Fretter Guitar and is a truly wonderful person - as well as a guitar repairman. He is conscientious and sincerely wants to do his best for you.
Note: Though Fretter Guitars does not have a Web site, you can contact Ed via email or by tel: (604) 888-0881.

Contact: Ken Donnell
MiniFlex2Mic are the developers of the internal condenser microphone system that produces the identical sonic qualities and characteristics of an external condenser microphone - without the hassles of using an external microphone system. There are a number of models to chose from - and are very reasonably priced. Please check out their Web site for further information.
Note: I personally performed over eighteen months of research into various external and internal mic'ing systems and can say that I have found nothing that compares to the sound, the quality and the service from the folks at MiniFlex. I now personally own three of their internal mic'ing systems for use in my nylon string and acoustic steel guitars and my daughter's ukulele.
Web site:

RML Studios
Contact: Bob Lentini
RML Studios are the developers of SAWStudio and Software Audio Console (SAC). There are no finer Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs - SAWStudio) or what is referred to as "Mixer-In-A-Box" application (SAC) available today. And the support is for RML Products is just "incredible"!
Note: I presently own and use SAC and will eventually purchase SAWStudio as a companion product. Be sure to check out their User Forum.
Web site:

Overloud are the developers of "amplifier simulator" software known a TH2. Having performed nearly two years of research into software-based amp-sim software - I have found nothing that matches the tonal quality and versatility of Overloud's TH2. Though TH2 seems to have a strong focus on "heavy-metal" style guitar sounds, I have been able to replicate more blues and jazz styles sounds within the TH2 environment. Of particular importance to me is that TH2 installation is what I refer to as "non-evasive" - in that it does not "hook" into the operating system - as do many of the others.
Web site:
For TH2 information, see here:

This site is made available by Mike Beatham. He particular approach is "quite refreshing" - and for those that have a desire to take their playing "to the next level", I strongly encourage you to visit Mike's Web site. Please consider donating to Mike's site as well, as the information he provides is well worth the cost.
Web site:

Play Jazz Now
This is a great site - not only for the backing tracks, but also for some truly wonderful and pertinent information for beginning jazz and blues players alike. In particular is the series on "Beginner's Guide to Jazz Improvisation" which is quite unique in its approach as is well worth the read.
Web site:

Mardecus Hair Studios and Esthetically Yours!
Contact: Daphne, Nail Technician
As a fingerstyle guitarist, I have difficulty in maintaining my Striking Hand fingernails and have therefore opted for what I refer to as "nail enhancement". After more than 4 years of having Striking Hand nails applied, I have found no one who does it as well as Daphne!
Web site:

Fraser Piano Center
Contact: Robert Loewen
Robert is a very good friend of mine and no one knows pianos better than Robert. For anything to do with pianos, please contact him at the Web address below. We personally own one his pianos and am very happy with the products and services that Fraser Piano Center provides.
Web site:

Ioana Gandrabur, Guitarist
This young lady is a real pleasure to hear as well as to meet and to talk with. You can see her and hear her on her Web site as well as on YouTube. In particular, Ioana's rendition of John Dowland's "Can She Excuse" is one of my particular favourites. You will be truly blessed!
Web site:

Customer First Computing
Contact: Dell Krauchi
Customer First Computing is the sister site to Sentinel Music Studios and are the developers of this Sentinel Music Studios Website. Customer First Computing provides various services pertaining to computer repair and are very "proactive" in their methodology. Customer First Computing also developed the Web sites for MiniFlex and is currently working on a Web site for Matteo's Gelato located in Port Coquitlam.
Web site:

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