At Sentinel Music Studios we offer instruction on the following subjects and disciplines:

• Folk (finger-style) Guitar
• Electric (non-rock) Guitar
• Staff Notation (Theory)
• Time and Rhythm
• Using Computers for Music
• Using Computers for Scoring and Arranging (Sibelius)

Sentinel Music Studios Philosophy on Teaching - Instruction (Pedagogy)
At Sentinel Music Studios - we sincerely believe that the approach that is used here is unique and is based on the following two important principles:

Principle #1:
To instill in the student the ability for them to think for themselves.
Hopefully this principle is obvious - but our desire is to have the student be as independent as is possible - and as soon as it is possible.

Principle #2:
That the student comprehend what it is they are being asked to do and to demonstrate this through "recitation and example" - that they are able to explain by the next lesson - each and every thing they are doing and are about to do.

Lesson Materials
At Sentinel Music Studios all of the instructional materials are provided for the student during the lessons. These instructional materials are comprised of specific modules that focus on the gradual increase in complexity as the required techniques are developed. These lesson materials are initially available in an instruction manual which consists of over 460 pages, and which is authored by Sentinel Music Studios. This lesson manual is entitled, "The Dell Krauchi Guitar Method". Please see the Store section for further information.

Lesson Cover Sheet
The following sheet provides further information regarding the lessons provided here at Sentinel Music Studios. Please click here to view this document.

Lesson Scheduling and Fees
We require that you pay in advance via cash, post-dated cheque(s), or through our PayPal store. At Sentinel Music Studios, we do not charge any registrations fees,  nor do we charge any cancellation fees. However, one-month's notice is required for lesson termination as all lesson times are considered reserved times.

As a result, we ask that one of following options be selected: 1) payment in advance for the first and last months lessons, or, 2) payment for one of the avialable Lesson Terms.

For more information regarding the above, you may discuss this in more detail with your instructor. We hope that you appreciate and understand why we ask this of you. Please make all cheques payable to Dell Krauchi.

Lesson Period, Dates and Times
At Sentinel Music Studios, the following Lesson Terms are provided:

Term 1 - Winter Term: September to January
Term 2 - Spring Term: February to June
Term 3 - Summer Term: July to August

Item Price Buy Item Price Buy
Lesson Fees - 4 Weeks $160.00
Term 1 - Winter Term: 5 Months $880.00
Lesson Fees - 5 Weeks $200.00
Term 2 - Spring Term: 5 Months $880.00
    Term 3 - Summer Term: 2 Months $360.00

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