Welcome to Sentinel Music Studios!

My name is Dell and I am guitar player and a guitar instructor located in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.

As a guitar "player" I am very community-minded and prefer to both teach and perform locally and continue to do - teaching in my own studio, and performing at cafe's and bistro's, local business functions, and at retirement facilities. As a guitar instructor, I still believe and support the conventional one-on-one, in person approach, but as you will see below, I am now offering all of my course materials in an on-line format.

Why yet another guitar course?
This is a really good question, and one that cannot be answered quickly. There are two points in particular that should be considered when examining any kind of instructional material. The first is what I refer to as "assumptive learning", and the second, "non-associative learning".

With regards to "assumptive learning " – what I mean by this is that only too often an instructor will make a statement based entirely on the assumption that the student is understanding just what it is they are attempting to teach when in actual fact the student really has no idea just what it is they are in fact, talking about. In my particular experiences, if I just happen to make the instructor aware of my inability to understand what is they are attempting to teach me, I find that they are actually unable to do so. Now let me ask you, "Have you even found yourself in a similar situation?"

With my approach to instruction, you will never, quite literally, "be left in the dark" so-to-speak, about what it is that you will be learning. The idea that I will ever assume that you know something will be non-existent in this approach. And in those areas where I simply do not know, I will tell you so and will then use all the resources at my disposal in the hopes that I will be able to assist you in this endeavor. If not, I will then direct you to those that will be able to do so.

Granted, such an approach may require a bit of patience on your part - especially if the material being presented is already familiar to you. However, I would much rather be found guilty of reiterating a point rather than being found guilty to the contrary. This approach I refer to as "non-assumptive" instruction.

With regards to "non-associative learning" – what I mean by this is that the instructor will use words, phrases and terminology that are used in isolation, and that have no relevance to one another. For example, when the terms "pick" and "strum" are used – "pick" meaning "to pluck with a pick or with the fingers", and "strum" meaning "to play a stringed instrument by brushing the strings with the fingers", if you really and truly think about it, these terms have no relevance at all to each other, even though they may appear to do so.

However, with regards to "associative learning", you will learn about "a device that is used to set the strings in motions" - whether this device is being used with a single string or with multiple strings. With "associative learning" then, each and every thing that you will be learning will be based on a common thread and where words, phrases and terminology will never used in isolation.

In particular, it is the goal of these course materials that they not only be explicitly written, but that they also focus heavily on the use of musical language – with the expressed intent being that if you can be taught at the very early stages of your musical development to think and talk like a musician, then those areas that have proven to be potentially more difficult to comprehend will be all that much easier for you to in fact, comprehend. This is the principle behind "foundational guitar instruction".

More to the point…
So, if you are really and truly interested in learning how to play the guitar – and more importantly, in learning how to play the guitar "properly", then please consider the course that I am offering to you today. Please understand that regardless of what you may have heard – in order for you to improve your guitar playing skills, there is one very important ingredient that you must use, and that is, you must practice!

With over 30 years of experience behind me, I have heard of and gone through many various ways and methods involving both the practicing of and the teaching of the guitar. Some have been helpful – but the majority has not.

As a result, I have taken quite a few years to develop and to produce my own method – finding that this method is best suited to teaching the musical foundations needed for the guitar student. The establishment of the basics of music theory helps the student in understanding the musical language and the development of practice procedures ensures that the student not only knows just how to practice, but how to both practice and progress at an appropriate pace.

I have spent an incredible amount of time – in fact, hundreds of hours, researching every aspect of guitar technique and its music, or its repertoire. This has culminated in a 478+ page lesson manual, and which is only available to students of Sentinel Music Studios.

I believe that my instruction method is truly unique. I have not only prepared and written ALL of the lesson material but I personally prepare and score the ENTIRE repertoire that is used. This repertoire is available only to my students and comes in a music-minus-one format to assist you in making your practice time at home much more enjoyable and beneficial. I can show you how you can literally save yourself hours of pointless and fruitless practicing by showing you how to know if you are really improving. I can save you hours in learning how to read and to understand written music. In fact, I have COMPLETELY rewritten how you understand written music.

Personal Rewards and Commitment
Probably the most rewarding aspect of guitar instruction for me personally is being able to make my students independent of me and that one day – they will be able to "fend for themselves". As a guitar instructor, I am committed to helping all guitar students, providing playing opportunities as well as other guitar-related functions – guest performances, workshops, and so on. As an instructor, I really do have your best interests in mind and sincerely hope that each of my students will keep moving forward. I honestly believe that once you have tried my teaching method – you will not be satisfied with any other and am giving you the opportunity of trying this out for yourself - with a full refund if you are not truly satisfied.

Please call me or send me an email for further information.
Please note: I can provide references if you like as well as criminal record check.

About the Private Lessons
The private one-on-one lessons are held in a very spacious and comfortable studio setting – unlike most guitar studios that are always very small. The lesson period is 60 minutes instead of the normal 30 minutes that most provide with my rates comparable to those that only provide for a 30 minute lesson. Lessons are offered once per week.

About the On-Line Courses
On March 31st, 2018, Sentinel Music Studios is now providing on-line instruction in guitar. To visit my on-line school, please visit: https://SentinelMusicStudios.Teachable.com.

Part 1 of my course, entitled, "The Procedural/Linear Approach to Learning the Guitar" is available for one-time purchase of $180.00 USD or in 3 monthly installments of 3 months $60.00 USD per month. Part 2 of my course is currently in progress.

In closing…
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in either private or on-line instruction, please respond by calling me or emailing me today for more information and how you can get started. You have absolutely nothing to lose but only all that much more to gain!